Cheat-sheet for winning!


Goals for all of us?

This will be somewhat of a plea, rather than an argument.

I was thinking about what everyone can invest in and profit from, something that would put the meaningless suffering we humans inflict on each other and the rest of the animal kingdom.That would trump the ignorance- and greed-driven atrocities as a unifying goal, not a command from higher authorities, for everyone.

It is so obvious, maybe too obvious to be considered?

Education, free of charge. This will increase welfare and profits, even for the most egocentric of us.

Health care, free of charge. Same here, the whole population gains from keeping everyone safe and sound.

Implementing science in all aspects of society. Why should the whims of politicians decide what outcome is predicted by their policies? 

The scientific method eliminates biases, and what area has more need of that than how the government works?

Increasing freedom for individuals to chose what they want to do with their lives by giving guidance and massive amounts of opportunities to increase their standards of living.

This might sound like some socialist/communist/fascist scheme, but freedom of choice is depending on what opportunities is given from the rest of us, which is part of how I define my liberalism. 
If you want people to "pull themselves up" instead of mooching off of "your societal benefits", the best way would be to give people opportunities to do that - in which science can help us by determining which method is most likely to achieve the goal of a population where everyone contributes to a collective increase in well-being and a goal of one day reaching the stars, which I think is pretty much indisputable as awesome for everyone to be part of.
But hey, the goal is what everyone agrees that it should be - not what I personally dictate that it should be.

What do you think? Is this impossible, improbable or achievable?