Analogies and metaphores.

How to use an analogy effectively?

There is no simple answer, since it depends on how much information is understood from case to case.
One example of this is when trying to explain a complex system to someone who do not understand it,
but do understand another complex system.

Example: Why do some countries do better than others on an economic basis?
The analogy I like to make is to view the economy as a closed thermo-dynamic system.
This is obviously problematic, and you should never make arguments from analogies - but to convey an idea, they are efficient.
So, due to entropy in the system -
 if energy (money) is concentrated/increased in one part (company/country) of the system (global economy) ,
 the energy (money) must be taken from other parts (companies/countries) of the system (global economy).

It's pretty basic physics - energy can't be created or destroyed - only changed.
If the economy follows some equivalent rule, the analogy works.
But the Earth is not a thermo-dynamic, closed system - so the analogy is flawed if used in an argument or taken literally.

I can always use the excuse that it must be interpreted correctly, though... "Well, that part is just a metaphor..." but that would be pretty, fucking dishonest of me, would it not?

Also, I'm obviously not an expert in either area - perhaps not in any area, now that I think about it - so please don't make an argument from authority based on this. 
Or anything else, for that matter.

I'm trying to get some coherent answers from our beloved officials, but I seem to not understand their arguments - so that'll probably be my next topic.
Maybe you can help me decipher them?

Doddy out.

PS. Watch this.


Well, let's get a clue about the world, then...

A stable ground...

To get a better view of the state of affairs, I've had to abandon what I would've viewed as 'common sense' about subjects I don't understand perfectly.
It's very difficult to let go of indoctrinated opinions - but it's certainly not impossible. What helped me the most was healthy skepticism and a quote from Richard Feynmann.
"Remember, the easiest person to decieve, is yourself." (Or something like that.)

It pretty much boils down to actually talking to many experts and people who have another view than me - and letting go of stereotypical views of how they are as individuals - since that's being judgemental instead of challenging myself.
"Does my view, opinion, argument hold up to scrutiny?"

Why am I doing this, then?
To learn. A democracy is worthless if those who vote are not informed or educated.
And to find out if I can help.

It's been fascinating, depressing, frightening and strengthening to take a step back. Some take offense that I change opinions, others welcome that. But as easy as it is to brush of the trolls - I can't build on a foundation of compliments either.

It's very easy to jump to conclusions when searching for evidence - and that place is filled with conspiracy-theories and religions.
It's even easier to stop caring about finding out - and that's where PR, corporations, "alternative medicines" and such lurk and profit of peoples' ignorance.

There is harm to holding false beliefs, be they supernatural or not. And there's always someone profiting from yours.

The "finance-crisis" is a perfect example of this. Stop fighting amongst eachother and find out who is not sharing the misery - why are they not?

Humanity makes the most progress when we work together - not for eachother and certainly not when we work against eachother.

I'll comment on some subjects further on, I appreciate your criticism and pointing out where I'm wrong.

Doddy out.


Hej igen, ni vackra människor!

Har varit ett tag sedan jag skrev här, men jag kommer ta upp detta nöje igen.
Förmodligen så kommer jag att bredda innehållet till fler ämnen än teologi - förhoppningsvis har jag lite intressant att skriva om på andra områden.
Det är upp till er läsare att avgöra i kommentarsfältet eller via direkt kontakt med mig om vilka ämnen som intresserar Er!

Layouten skall jag göra om också, den är ingen vacker syn.

Fortsätt leva underbart och låt inte åsikter andra har förstöra er dag.

Peace goes in, peace goes out... You can't explain that!